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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 9AM  ABC  December 7, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EST

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now "good morning maryland" at nine. good morning i am megan pringle. >> i am charlie crowson. beginning to feel like the holidays here. we are surrounded by the beauties of the . settias. >> it's like -- poinsettias. >> it's like the bouquets have competition. >> a little red and green is always good to have those. hope you enjoying the holiday and getting ready for the holiday. recipes for the holidays. we have that going on. come up we will tell you how to get in the favorite holiday recipes and in doing so, we will have you come in come into the
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kitchen and show us how to whip those up and we will share them with the viewers. >> we will give you details on that. we have some great guests that we want you to meet in the next hour. we will take you to a fund-raiser called tartans and tiedings. it's cute name but it goes towards a great cause and it sounds like a perfect party. it's talking about open bar, live music, silent auction and it's going to be a good time. we will tell you about that and how it all benefits. >> and you have a open bar. >> that got everybody's attention. coming up as it is the winter season, we talk about winterizing your car and your house, but do you think about wentorizing -- winterizing yourself? a doctor will come in with ten tips to know to make sure older adults and loved ones are properly ready for the wint are season because when this time of season comes, the a cold or sniff keel develop into something worse for old are adults.
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>> good stuff. we want you to write down simply charmed. the business of the day. we are doing our home for the holidays local shopping. and this looks like such a cute store. we will head up to bel air and find out all about simply charmed. they are here and they will charm us with some of the stuff. it looks very cute. fires five alarm fires have been the story of the day last night here into the morning. we have been telling you the about breaking news out of mount vernon. a second five-alarm fire in less than 12 hours in the area that broke out at 1:30. it kept more than 100 firefighters at bay battling the flames from outside the building because the building itself was deemed compromised. sherrie johnson has been there since the early morning hours and joins us with the latest. now, have we confirmed the firefighters displays -- this blaze is under control and contained. >> reporter: that is true. at about 7:30 this morning, they issued that. as a matter of fact, they still have a few hot spots that they are still paying attention to.
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but for the most part, it's put out but they have hot spots they are paying attention to that pop up from time to time. so as you can see behind me, firefighters are still on the scene at this hour and you can still see up here on the roof, the smoke still billowing and coming out of here. but they said they do have a few hot spots that are still on the roof area on the top of this building here. and after six hours, firefighters who have been working very, very hard on this five-alarm fire here at the parks plaza on mount vernon square. this is located at 800 north charles street. firefighters arrived here on the scene about 1:30 this morning and it took about 100 firefighters just to battle the fire. and the fire was so intense that the structure inside was not stable. crews fought the fire from the outside of the building. it just wasn't safe to go inside. now, firefighters tell me the fire started on the lower
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level. crews pulled the building apart and this four-story brick building went up quickly in flames. the park plaza houses many offices and restaurants including donna's and my tie. this -- my thai. this fire proved to be a stubborn fire. >> my wife, but i just woke up and i thought i smelled barbeque. and it is the second time in two months that we have had a fire on that block. >>i don't know what to think. it is a little bit scary. i am sad for everyone in the building because they came for drinks and could haveees and stuff ande i served them. so, um, also scarry because don't know when i will go back to work. >> reporter: so once again, firefighters put the fire out about 7:30 this morning. right now they are telling me
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they are working on some hot spots that do pop up. mostly on the roof area, but a tough morning for many of the people that work inside of that building. we are told that no one was actually in the building at the time of the fire. no one was hurt. but two firefighters actually were hurt. one suffered a knee injury and the other had chest pains and taken to the hospital with minor injuries. coming up, we will talk to firefighters more about the fire safety that people need to remember this winter season. reporting live at mount vernon, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> thanks. that's the second five- alarm fire that crews fought in the past 1 hours. the first fire broke out on -- 12 hours. the first fire broke out on the block. cruise were monitoring building keeping an eye on hot spots to make sure everything was under control. around 4 yesterday afternoon fire engulfed at least five buildings starting at the gayety show world.
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it spread to adjacent buildings. the smoke was so thick, it was visible from miles away. >> it was terrible when you came out. it was like the dark time in the desert with no lights or anything. >> two buildings were evacuated. benton building housing the election office and the credit iewn you -- union for city employees. no bonn was injured in all this. -- no one was injured in all of this. this is great video from a viewer that posted it online. check out the smoke and the flames. the fire bull erupted. this is shot from the south viet garage. person who shot the video was so close to the fire, he says he could feel the heat from the 6th floor where he was standing. if you want any updates, photographs, stories, investigation on the two fires, street closures as well, everything is posted on and we will continue to update the story throughout the day and throughout the morning for the
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latest information. one thing we were talking about earlier this morning is it's so cold. >> yes. >> it's been really a huge challenge for fire fighters. >> yeah. because as they are rupping through the water lines, ice is backing up on the streets create black ice and dangerous situations for them. not only in dealing with the fire itself burks also getting from trucks the emergency vehicles to the building. so, they are having issues with that. but, as we say good morning to justin berk for a look at forecast, you saw the time-lapse. they captured on the weather view as you saw the smoke billow up over downtown baltimore, great images i believe is on youtube and facebook for us to look at. just n may be able to pull it up later in the show. all right, let's send it over to justin asee if we can at least get a warmup. justin. >> i wanted to show that to you. we may have a freeze up of my computer. i was check it out. >> it's cold everywhere. >> i know. if we freeze we may toss it back to you in a moment. we are dealing with technical issues. but if you stick around we will show outtime-lapse we captured
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downtown as well from our weather cameras at the maryland science center. you can see the big billowing smoke. here's deal. we have the deep freeze. it's blustery outside. wind chills down into the teens. regardless what have it says on the thermometer. winds between 13 and 20 miles per hour. deep freeze moves into the deep south. we will show you conditions in florida computer willing. our winter storm outlook, yeah, there could be something churning up this weekend that will make it even colder this time next week. here we go. and with fingers crossed, to check out the latest stats here. 30 officially is the temperature in baltimore. although many spots are lingering back into the 20s. we have 30 over there in easton. and factor in the wind chill and down to 19 in both spots. 17 up towards york pa and where they are dealing with over a foot of fresh snow in western maryland, 5 pee low in the oakland. that's what the wind chill s check out what's going on down towards the south. and this is what i wanted to
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highlight. the cold air made it down through florida. this arctic blast actually holding temperatures at this hour 37 in orlando. that's disney world. they were down into the 20s across tallahassee recovering to 34 right now. west palm beach, they were down in the 30s this morning at 46 currently, 49 degrees in miami. frost advisories, freeze warnings extend down through south florida just away from both the atlantic and gulf coast. but they will deal with another round of the cold weather tonight and tomorrow and perhaps even going on into next week as well. here's setup. we are aiming for 33. lunchtime, 36 at four. and a partly sunny sky. wind chills locked down into the 20s and we will drop back into the 20s as we go through tonight. want to highlight we have been dealing with the snow showers to our west. heavy lake-effect snows and we will show you some of that across new york state in the next half-hour. we are on the edge of the cloud line and mountains protect us from the moisture coming off
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the great lakes. some of us think it's a waste of cold air that we don't get snow but we are wrapping around the storm and we are looking at that cold pattern stuck with us for the next few days. 36 today. and with some flurries to the west. and we are locked down to 20 and teens outside of the beltway overnight. stick around the next half- hour. we will talk about that winter storm outlook for the weekend coming up. all right. thanks. i like how he says some people think it's a waste of cold air. >> you realize you are outnumbered. >> i think most people would agree. >> i want snow. we don't want ice. >> right. >> that's when things are dangerous. >> absolutely. all right. >> you. >> he we loved your recipes during the thanks giving season and we shared some with our loved ones but we are not done yet. >> coming up, we want you to get out favorite holiday recipes and share them with us and join us in the ditchen -- kitchen. you can whip something up real quickly for us. >> and the cold care series the story of mary kelly a. loving mom taken from her family in
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1988. we will hear that story coming up.
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you're watching the station that works for you." good morning, maryland "at nine. thanks for joining us. this sound fun don't you think? live music open bar and all in really beautiful setting. so, you might wonder what's the best part? this is for a wonderful cause
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helping inner city kids with schools and sports. jennifer from sky blue events and abby the executive director of baltimore squash is here to tell us about an event called tartans and tiedings. good morning. >> good morning. >> how are you. i want to get -- i want to get to the. >> steve: you brought. but first what is this event? >> it's a big holiday celebration. we have got a four-hour open bar. admission to one of our favorite all time live cover bands and it's at ever green museum. it's beautiful. >> beautiful. >> a great setting and we have chef expressions kateoring the event. amazing food. >> and really. more these are extreme. >> i keep telling people lobster macaroni and cheese and they are on board. >> i am in. >> but this goes towards the great cause. >> yes. i am the executive director of squash wives a after school
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program work middle school student city. we combine academic tutoring with instruction in the sport of squash. it's one of a kind. and we go on field trips with the students. we just came back from laurensville school for a weekend trip. they are exposed to wonderful opportunities and we are happy to spread the word about the cause. >> i was one of -- say this is one of a kind in the country. this is a unique organization. >> this is the national urban squash and education organization. we are one of 11 programs across the country. there's over 500 kids participating nationally. and these programs expose students not just to tutoring in squash but college opportunities. it's a college bound program and we are looking to have the same successes as other programs. >> you must see really cool stuff. kid kind of clicking through the squash. >> they never heard of the sport before. so this is the first time they had a chance to try it and they are hooked. >> that's great. so jennifer, so all the
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proceeds you go buy a tight and it hps out squash wives night the silent auction that's driving it. we have amazing products from a lot of local retailers. and we have national contributor as well. we are hoping to get a lot of people there to get the bidding going and give back to the program. >> you brought examples. i have to hold this up. this shoe bock and i said i will -- box and he said i will go for that. can you get shoes or tennis racket. >> a beautiful pair of black shoes. and something to walker shortbread and something from wine express. we have got meat and product from happy on spa and bcc donated something from their clubs for the squash racket and squash lessons. we have got personal training sessions and cook classes. >> you name it. >> cool stuff. >> and we have a pair of skis. someone here might be interested in that. >> all right. i think so. up on the screen if you can --
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you can buy tickets. >> yes a limited number of vip text available and general admission tickets start at $75. >> okay. all the information is there on the screen. go to the website and give them a call. support it because it's cool convenient. thanks so much for coming in. >> thank you. >> thanks. charlie. we continue to get you in the holiday spirit. we want to know your favorite recipes that you and your famely -- family may enjoy. we want you do bring out some of the treasured recipes and get them out for the holiday season. mayor the 4 by 6 card with ingredients stains still on therefrom years of use. we want you to come on the show and share recipes with us. what you need to do is send it to morning show at you now have until next wednesday to submit that recipe a we will take out best ones and some of the favorites and invite the great cooks in and showy -- everyone how great a chef you are. and we will even let you cook with justin if you want. and we will eat it and tell
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everyone how great it is. cle your name, e-mal address and phone number and the rest p morning show at and you have until wednesday to get those in. our bodies will become more susceptible for illness as temperatures drop. and for olders adults the minor health issues can create major medical problems. the doctor joins us with healthy winter tips to ensure you and your loved one stay safe during holiday season. stay with us.
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and welcome back to "good morning, maryland" at nine. winter is here and think about it. you will winterize your house and your car and winterize your pet's housing but what about yourself? if you are an older adult, colds or sniffles can sometimes escalate into larger problems. in this morning to talk about that is things you need to know is the doctor that joins to us discuss tips. and this is an issue with older adults because many times they don't want to be a burden on their family or friends. and they will let some of these things just kind of go by the wayside because they don't want to be a bother. >> they are worried about other people making sure they are
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well. but it's important as we come into a new season to take stock and think about what we can do to improve our health. so it's important for older adults to do the same. >> educating the older adults and getting them ready. what can we do. >> there's different things. but as you said, wintertime is a time when they are more susceptible to other illnesses. they can think about make sure they get vaccinated. we think about the flu vaccine because that's very important and we should. but there are other vaccines as well. pneumonia being one of the most important to think about and tetanus and shinningels. >> one thing the old are adults may be concerned about is what you refer to maybe as medical mayhem. >> yes. >> getting overload. keeping things simple seems to be important. >> keeping it sem pel especially with medication. meet with your doctor or health care provider and make sure you donned need to be on your medicines and see if the dosages change. needs change. and make sure they have enough medications to last them through the winter. >> it's so important the older adults be a part of something but as it gets cold, a lot of
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them will hold up and stay inside. do they need an exercise regimen when indoors. >> absolutely right. we eat more during the holiday season. it's cold and dark and we don't yet out-- get outside as much. it's plan to keep the exercises routine going whether it's yoga or something that can keep them active throughout the winter season. >> and the general dee generation of bones. this is something to think about especially as it gets colder because the bonessic a. >> bonessic aand people are walking outside on slippery surfaces and are at risk for falling. best way to make sure they can prevent falling is to have calcium and vitamin b to prevent and strengthen bones to prevent falls. >> one of the tips you sent was check your head. >> yes. >> for a guy who is 35 years old. >> that can mean a lot. >> it's over. but for older adult, we need to make sure they are in sound mind to take care of themselves or if they are not. >> right. >> get them help. >> so a few things when i say check your head. make sure they don't stay
9:24 am
isolated. call friends and make sure they are not sus september toilet holiday blues. a lot of stress. but making sure things on their heads are there. glasses, dentures and hearing it's and make sure they are in shape to help them throughout the winter season. >> thanks so much. we will have the complete list of the 10 tips to know. we hit five and the tips will be on megan, over to you. >> all right, thanks. she has great advice. it's the second five alarm fire in less than 24 hours. the first in doul town baltimore. coming up, we will get you caught up on the state statous of both fires including a live report from sherrie johnson near charles and madison in mount vernon. and she is going to tell us more about this. also ahead, we continue our cold case series this morning with mary kelly's story. she was a mother. and her life was cut short more than 20 years ago. we have the story just ahead.
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now, "good morning, maryland" at nine.
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smoke filling the skies of downtown baltimore. around four yesterday afternoon, fire engulfed at least five buildings star at gayety show world, an adult entertainment store, and presidenting to adjacent buildings. smoke was so thick it was visible for miles. two buildings were evacuated. benton building which house the election office and the credit iewn union for city -- union for city employees. they are searching for the cause. early this morning, firefighters have been dealing with another fire. this one is on charles street in the heart of mount vernon. roads have been closed down and it's a messy situation. that's the scene all morning long. sherrieionson joins us live with the latest. -- sherrie johnson joins us live with the latest. >> reporter: firefighters were able to put out the five-alarm blaze around 7:30. but right now they are on the scene here. as you can see behind me they are working on the hot spot
9:29 am
they have going on. this is a really tough fire. you know, the cold weather mixed in with pouring water on the fire and you've had water on the ground which created some black ice pretty slippery conditions here. as a matter of fact, they have brought in a desighser to help make the situation safer because it was really slick around here. a couple firefighters actually did slip and fall because of that black ice. but, again, this is a tough fire to fight. five-story brick building went up in flames pretty quickly. there was remodeling inside. fire started on the lower level and escalated to the rooftop. structure was unsafe. crews fought the fire from the outside. now within the past 24 hours, we have seen several major fires. chief cartwright with the baltimore city fire department has more on fire safety tips for families. >> economically and resort to alternative measures for heating homes. some people use kerosine heaters
9:30 am
and don't realize that they are illegal in baltimore city. not only do they pose a fire hazard but they pose a health hazard as well. because it emits cash on monoxide. people move about the homes with the use of the appliances breathing in the carbon monoxide. they typically manifest symptoms of the flu. a headache, lightheadedness, disneyness and nausea. not realizing they are under the influence of carbon monoxide. we urge people to try to avoid that by all costs. other people may turn on the gas stove on the door, and just to heat the house up. that as well is not a good idea because any type of fire burning appliance emits carbon monoxide. so, we also urge people to try to have your home heating appliance serviced once year. the use of your furnace year after year after year constant
9:31 am
useage, the flue can become clocked and birds may nest inside there and does not permit the flow of cash on monoxide outside your house. >> reporter: out here live, many firefighters are cleaning up putting out the hot spots. i have to tell you, the past 24 hours, the firefighters it will me they are simply exhausted. reporting live in mount vernon, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. investigators are hard at work trying to determine what caused both five-alarm fires in baltimore city. so we will update you on the investigations when they tell us, we will tell you. for the latest on what caused the fires, updates, road closures and any information you need, log onto we will continue to update the stories throughout the day with the latest information. megan, thanks a lot. time is 9:31. onto our ongoing series at abc2 news. bringing life to cold case that is leave investigators with
9:32 am
more questions than answers. in harford county, a family wants us to remember someone they lost and they want to us help. mary kelly was a loving mother of two in the sprig of 1998. her life was cut short. jeff hagger works -- hager works for you to put heat on the cold case. >> reporter: time has done nothing to erase her memory. >> i railroad i cried a lot. i still do cry -- i remember i cried a lot. i still do cry a lot. it's hard. >> reporter: for the family of mary kelly, what happened 22 years ago continues to haunt them. >> it really is as if someone came in and ripped the heart of our family out. >> reporter: mary kelly was one of nine brothers and sisters in a prominent bel air family plagued by a troubled marriage, mary left her husband to raise her two young girls ages 4 and 5 on her own. she was the heart and soul of the family. never forgetting a birthday, and insisting on family dinners every sunday. >> she wouldn't let you end a
9:33 am
phone conversation without saying i love you. >> reporter: on the night of april 21st, 1988, everyone was stunned when the dedicated mother disappeared. mary's brother steven was 14 at the time. >> i remember it like it was yesterday. >> reporter: he got off the bus from school and knew something was wrong when he saw his driveway filled with cars belonging to his brothers and sisters. >> and i went in the house and my mother was frantically crying and said you know mary was not there. >> reporter: the night before, mary left her daughters with a baby-sitter. she told them she would be going to a bar and then taking a friend home. she kissed the girls, told them she loved them and said good-bye. the next day, mary's car was found at royal farm store in fountain green. seats of the car sustained in blood. for her family, the hope of finding her alive quickly faded. regardless, her family kept looking determined to bray
9:34 am
mother home to her children. >> we were totally focused on finding mary dead or alive. my brothers and i walked through the forest together. family members dredged the pond and we were just totally focused on that. it was 100% of our life. >> reporter: months passed, mary's daughter tina whose face we are concealing toe protect her identity was 4 years old at the time and remembers when she realized mom wasn't coming home. it was her sifter's birthday. >> my grandmother thought if she would be back she would be back for the birthday and that's when she knew she was not coming back. >> reporter: that fall mary's remains were found in a wooded area not far from her home off patterson mill road. an autopsy was performed on her body. her cause of death was never determined. police always suspected foul play but after years investigating the case, mary's killer was never found and her case went cold.
9:35 am
>> the kids didn't ask to be victims, and it just-- that's what drives me every day to just keep chipping away. >> this is two pictures of mary's car. >> reporter: this year, mary's case fell into the hands of a cold case detector tina becker. when new physical evidence came forward, she needs more to solve the case. >> i know there's people out there that at a minimum have at least heard rumors of what happened to mary and i would encourage those people to come forward. >> reporter: she hopes they will come forward to help a grieving family. >> our family is 100% committed to doing whatever it takes to bring this case to justice. >> reporter: and to help a daughter who will never get to know her mom. >> she is not going to be there when i have my children, and when my sister has children and when we get married, and you
9:36 am
know, she is not going to be there to help me pick out my dress. >> reporter: the effects of a life cut short still felt by those who loved her. in harford county jeff hager, abc2 news. >> and no tip is too small. to submit your tip call at the number on the screen. 866-7-lockup or text your tip to crimes or submit your tip online go to metro crimes stoppers.or-g. for more information on this cold case, head to abc2 news./cold cases. from there submit a tip to crimestoppers. if you have any information about this or any of the other cold cases. catch the next installment of the series maryland's coldcation tonight profiling the store every debra scott. she was high school valedictorian lead singer and honor student. freshman year in college but in 1976 her life was cut short when she was murdered in her
9:37 am
family's wood lawn apartment. her mother tells the story tonight on abc2 news at 11. megan. >> all right, thanks. it's 9:36. we will switch gears and talk about finding the perfect holiday gift. instead of heading to the mall, shop local. home for the holidays to a great boutique in bel air that is going to have you changing your list. so stay with us. we have more on that. it's a very unique art project ahead that may be the future of art. how young artists in baltimore county are learning the use of science to bring it together with artwork and all to life. more on that coming up. and, picking out perfect christmas tree can sometimes be a chore and a hassle. we will tell you how to find the perfect one on your doorstep in a few days. we will take you back to yesterday where we were watching a partly cloudy sky and all of a sudden, the fire erupted on the block. let's check it out full screen in time-lapse mode. you can see the dark clouds
9:38 am
billowing up and encompassing the eastern side of the harbor to fells point. this is what it looks like 29 officially at the inner harbor. and we have ourselves strong gusty winds with sun shiefnlt more on the potential weekend storm and more "good morning, maryland" when we come back. [ male announcer ] are you watching cable?
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called the 11th art mart on december 11th at in baltimore on charles street. it runs from 11 in the morning until 6. what separates the show from other craft shows is that everything is local, regional and they design all the art. it's a way of functioning different items like t-shirts and messenger bags and candle. you name it, they will have it. there's web address it's and as the doctor was in with us, talking about seniors needing to stay activity. tai chi for seniors for health and relaxation. every monday 12:45 at senior net worth of north baltimore. give them a call 410-323-7131. and seniors stay active especially during the cold winter months. something is happening in the community and you want to us mention it, we would be happy to. tough tell us. send us an e-mail send it to me, charlie or morning show at
9:42 am and e-mal address is there on the screen. we will be right back.
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the severe weather is the big the downed power lines. this tree top we valley in new york and new england, there's well col back. 3-d movies and tvs are the rage in terms of techy toll talk. baltimore county kids are learning how to create images at their own. student got a crash in 3d image thanks to a scientist from
9:45 am
aberdeen prove proving ground. tony marsalis shows us how they are using it to create art. >> reporter: it started out coloring outside the lines as kids. once you mast earth basics, time to move on. >> we were teaching them how to make 3d movies. >> reporter: the 35th grade class is take art high tech. >> once you learned to draw with a crayon you learn to draw with a pen and then eventually a computer. and you learn to draw motion. >> it's a art class blending art with technology. we are a very proud of the fact we provide kids with 21st century opportunity for using technology for the learning. >> reporter: and learning things most 5th graders see on the big screen. >> monsters versus aliens. >> dragons. [audio not understandable] >> reporter: working together, they are working on cutting edge of visual communication thanks to a program by lee butler and u.s. army research lab at
9:46 am
aberdeen proving grounds. >> a picture is worth a thousand words and movie is worth a lot more. so we are showing them how to make movies, teaching them how their vision system works and how we perceive depth and why 3d movies are cool and interesting. >> reporter: it didn't take long to get it. >> you can take a cuban its sphere and make the cube bounce on the spear. >> a cylinder on top of it and you had to keep locking it for it to move. >> it is helping them to build weapons. >> and he uses art to use sign. >> reporter: with the leg up on the technology of the future. >> i will look for somebody to come do my job so i can retire. >> reporter: the kids have chance to help shape, design and animate the future. abc2 news. >> all right. smart kids. listen. our home for the holidays series. we want you to think about shopping local. we will go to a great store in bel air.
9:47 am
it's called simply charmed. susan morris, the manager of the store as well as cindy join us. thanks for coming in. >> thank you for having us. >> okay. so, you guys brought a ton of stuff. i want to get to some of this. while we are doing that, tell me about the store? what's it like and how do you describe it? >> it's a very unique boutique. you can come in and find just about any gift item or treat for yourself. we have a lot of juriy hand crafted items and personalized items. >> local artist. >> yes. yes. we showcase seven local artisans and their items. this bowl which is gorgeous. >> stunning. >> is beautiful for the holidays. it's from wires to you if you carry that with solid hughes it's great gift idea. and we have custom embroidered items for the ravens. >> that's popular. >> i can't keep them in. they are flying off the
9:48 am
shelves. that's awesome. >> can you think of something embroidered that's cute. >> they do aprons and t-shirts and purses. the biggest seller is the ravens by far. >> and all this stuff i want to get to the jewelry but this it looks beautiful and feels amazing. >> it is. baby llama which mains it softer. so it's not going to itch. it's nice and warm. perfect for the nice cold days we are having right now. so, it's a purple for the ravens anda the flower pin, it's just very chic. >> it is. well, we get a shot of the jewelry i know the jewelry is popular with every woman. is this a big seller? >> oh, yes. jewelry is a big seller. people come in looking for a lot of the things that susan has made herself. we have lots of sterling silver jewelry. >> okay. you make this too? >> i make this. >> it's no idea i thought you were just selling it. you need to brag about that. this is beautiful. >> i mack my own jewelry i started -- make my own jewelry i started designing four years
9:49 am
ago. that's what made me open the boutique i wanted to take it to the next level. it was a dream more me. so i need a reality. my number one sellers in the shop are the multicharm necklaces. >> these over here. >> the ones in the white necklace, the one that your hands are next to the ravens multicharm necklace for the serious ravens girl. >> and there's a lot of us. why do you want people to shop local? >> i can see the growth and that's why i opened the store six months ago. i decide it was the opportunity and there's a -- i decided it was the opportunity. and there's lot going on in downtown bel air. so, we have great gifts and we love to have you -- love to help you. >> we will put the information on your screen. if you want to visit them, simply charmed right there in bel air. a number to call is a web address to go to and hours of
9:50 am
operation on there on bond street in bel air. thanks for coming in. >> thank you for having us. >> we will be right back.
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we are look in western maryland because it's cold and i wanted to show you where it's snowing. this is the town of accident at northern high school in garrett county. charlie, it's 9 degrees out there. the wind are gusting to 30 miles per hour. the schools were closed and they have what fresh five inches of snow in wisp resort and that's the time-lapse. visibility improving a little bit in just the past hour. but whiteout conditions and towson and we are 27 but we are dry. and we have a sunny sky but it's a gusty wind and occasionally the cloud will billow up a passing flurry maybe. 29-mile-per-hour winds make our wind chill down into the teens. there we go. this is interesting. garrett county is one of the areas that's stuck in between some of the national weather service radars, the regional radars and it's tough to pinpoint when it's snowing if the clouds and the snowfall is too low to the ground or base clouds three or 4,000 feet.
9:54 am
it's still snowing out there. and the cold air is still blowing for all of us. we have got ourselves a push of air and maybe an occasional cloud to fire up. but overall, starting to relax the influence at least the full force of this storm that is wrapped up and rocked up in eastern canada. this is the st. laurens valley and it's snowing and coming down hard across syracuse and buffalo and they are look at hefty snows in vermont and that's great news for them. anybody who lives up there knows that's a good thing. for those of you who don't like the snow, it's good it's not here right? we have tough time really getting the snow showers to push on the other side of the mountain. we are losing the added push and we will probably see partly to mostly sunny skies into the afternoon. that cold breeze may build up occasional clouds. overall pattern stays cold. and another storm that is just beginning to form and it's off the edge of the screen and won't reach us until the weekend. we will probably relax the cold air just long enough to get the storm in here. and then temperatures turning
9:55 am
colder behind it beginning the next week. we are at 30 and they are at 11 in chicago. 11 degrees in the thermometer. wind chills down near or below zero. 36 degree afternoon with some flurries and west and north of town but the gusty wind will make it feel like the 20s. we are down to 20 overnight. highs in the low 30s as we head through tomorrow, and thursday friday back to near 40. 45 saturday and next storm can come in saturday night and sunday morning with a brief mix turning to rain. and then ending the snow sunday night. >> gees, it's bad forecast when you are excited about 45 degrees. >> justin. justin. 9 degrees with a wind -- with winds. that's minus 10. >> yes. >> cold. >> good stuff. >> thanks. finally this morning, it's hard to imagine christmas without trees. pretty easy to come by in and around baltimore. you can usually find a christmas tree lot but many times you can find a starbucks. >> that's not the case for the rest of the country. and you can drive out to your tree farm and cut it down and
9:56 am
drag it to the front door or maybe just get the artificial one out of the attic. >> abc2 news jeremy hubbard shows there's another option. >> there it is. >> reporter: the gliswold pursued the perfect pine. >> isn't this great. >> we will see it later. >> reporter: a christmas story, he had trouble finding a flawless fir too. >> this is not one of the trees that the needles falls off is it? >> no. that's in boston. >> reporter: the real life murphy family. >> here's christmas tree. >> reporter: it got more convenient. >> ready to open it. >> reporter: this delivery doesn't go under the tree. it is the tree. >> the box came just like a narrow box and i thought the tree can't be this beautiful tree that lays out, but it was. >> reporter: online street sales are taking root. this year target and are amonth major retailers teaming up with tree farmers and selling real christmas trees over the internet.
9:57 am
>> we tell each other what he happening on facebook and youtube and getting more customers that way. >> reporter: ing. >> iel -- nigel runs a tree farm and online sales jumped 15%. >> to have it deliver in the box is really convenient. >> reporter: on youtube he shows how it is done. within 24 hours of being cut, the tree is stuffed in cardboard and on its way. the average 7-footer runs $60 to $100 and another $30 to $50 for shipping. a garbagein for shannon murphy. >> it is. it's probably i don't know, 20 or 25% less than what you get on the corner. and it's fresh and they cut it two or three days ago. >> reporter: what about the family tradition of braving cold temperatures and shaking the branches and smelling the pines? >> you can't really see what it's going to look like on the website. >> reporter: or a, can you? it's something more and more families are considering as online growers needle in on the christmas custom.
9:58 am
>>i doesn't know i like the family tradition. >> you like going to look. >> yes. >> and you? >> he likes the smell. >> putting it away.
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